Saturday, 2 April 2016

Catching our Breath

Well, just another 9 days left here, and we're getting into packing up mode - slowly, so we don't trigger another bout of CFS in Jeff!

We're currently in a very safe, quiet harbour (Emerald Bay Marina), 10 miles from our home port in George Town. We'll probably leave tomorrow or the next day for our final leg of the trip.

Meanwhile, we’re enjoying this lovely respite from wind and waves. Yesterday we rented a small car and toured the entire Island – all 69 miles of it! We ate a lovely lunch at famous Sanatana’s, right on the beach, took hokey pictures at the sign for the Tropic of Cancer, refilled our propane tanks, reprovisioned the boat with food and drink, and are now set for our closing story here. After all of our adventures in the last week, including sailing here on big wind and huge rolling waves, this is feeling like a great break!

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