Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Paradise Lost and Found (written yesterday)

Continuing very strong winds and huge waves have kept us sheltered in beautiful Red Shanks Cove, where there’s lots to entertain us. As we were heading out for a hike this morning, a near-by cruiser dinghyed over to invite us to join a water taxi ride to an evening “rake and scrape” at Eddie’s Edgewater restaurant in George Town. We said we’d let them know later, and headed out on our own dinghy about 3 miles to the beautiful bridge we could see in the distance – the bridge to nowhere.

A fast ride over waves running in our direction took us to a small beach, where we tied up the dinghy, and then walked and walked – over the bridge and along a road that had been built to lead to the gorgeous Crab Key resort that was never completed - the 2008 recession had finished it off. I had found it with a group of cruisers before Robert’s visit, then tried to find it again when he and Sue were here, with no luck. So today we were on the hunt for it once more.

Finally, after what seemed like miles of walking in the hot sun, there it was! We only had a few minutes to admire it, when the American owner discovered us and drove us off – telling us it was private property, and we shouldn’t be there.  He thought we might vandalize the brass bolts on the doors …. but we had found it!

Satisfied, we walked a couple of miles to our little boat on the beach, and made our way back to Sea Change – this time over huge wind-blown waves swamping us with warm seawater all the way home.  After all that, partying at Eddie’s was less appealing than a quiet dinner and a movie – but it had been a great adventure …

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