Monday, 9 March 2015

Our First Bahamas Boat Guests – A Great Success!

My brother Robert and his wife Susan just left yesterday, having spent a week
day-sailing and discovering George Town and environs with us.

We had a wonderful time, exploring the village, “chatting” and “chilling” on Stocking Island, “raking and scraping” (eating and dancing) at various locations, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and burying our toes in the gorgeous powdery sand. Of course, we also had the requisite bar-b-ques on Sea Change, and a whole lot of down time just lounging in the cockpit with our respective novels.

I spent part of the week practicing my dinghying skills, with only one mishap (fortunately I was alone). I misjudged the speed at which I needed to approach a catamaran I was visiting, and ended up climbing the back of their boat with the dinghy! It dumped me into the water as it almost turned turtle, and I had to be rescued by a near-by sailor in his dinghy, as I couldn’t get back into my own from the water, once I had righted the boat. I have since been practicing my landing skills, and am in much better shape with all of that now J.

So we’re all alone on Sea Change again, in beautiful Red Shanks Cays today – both missing the company and glad for the isolation for a while. We’ll take a few days to recuperate, and then head to Cat Island, about 50 miles away.

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