Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bit of a Glitch!

January 31, 2017

Day 2 – Bit of a Glitch!

A beautiful, sunny, cloudless day in Florida – what could go wrong? J

We made our way back to the marina, and finished preparing to launch just on time. The hydraulic dolly carefully hauled Sea Change to the water’s edge, and was about to launch her, when one of the guys exclaimed – “hey wait – she has no propeller!!”.

Whoops … Dan, who had done some boat repairs for us in November had forgotten that little detail L. No prop, no movement.  So Dan was called back to the marina, and two hours later we were in the water.

Now, if we can repair the non-functioning head (read “toilet”), and the not well functioning engine, we’ll be in good shape. The mainsail is up, the stainless is polished and ready to receive the bimini (sun protection), and the cabin below is ship-shape. Tomorrow our new dinghy arrives, and we still have 4 more days to get things in order before we leave to meet our family in Orlando – so life here is pretty good. Just let the sun keep shining …

A New Adventure Begins!

Jan. 30, 2017

It seemed like an uneventful 3-hour trip from Toronto to Jacksonville, Florida yesterday – except for one small detail. It appears that Marilyn’s passport expires on the day we’re due to return (April 2nd).

To cut to the chase – I may not be allowed to enter the Bahamas, as countries usually require 6 months from expiry on a passport , and I will have only one  month and a bit L. H-m-m … being required to stay in the Bahamas might not be so bad … but not being allowed to enter – now that’s cruel and unusual punishment! So I’ve made a phone call, and am awaiting a response – we’ll see.

Apart from that, our time so far has been spent at the marina, getting the boat ready for a “splash” tomorrow – then we’ll tie up at the dock and await delivery of a new dinghy – yeah! It’s been hard but satisfying work so far – with a brief break in the sunny, cool weather for a picnic lunch top-side (the only part of the boat not littered with paraphernalia).  The last photo is a pic of the harbor on the St. John’s river. where we’ll be moored when we leave the dock – quite lovely.

Meanwhile, 2 nights in a charming motel right on the canal have provided an easy way to transition from land to sea.