Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A New Adventure Begins!

Now that we’re on land, we’re noticing some things of cultural interest about Northern Florida …

We’ve eaten grits for the first time – and probably for the last J.

We haven’t caught or eaten catfish – but we notice lots of people do that here.

We asked about getting a senior’s rate at a museum, and the cashier quipped: “No special rates – everyone’s a senior in Florida!”.

We were told it was “Bike week” here in Daytona – and we envisioned lots of healthy people on bicycles – NOT! As our biker/mechanic put it – “quite the opposite”. Lots of not-so-healthy looking men and women on Harleys – tattoos, heavy metal, etc.

Cars and trucks driving along our beautiful ocean beach, right outside our window!

Not a cultural curiosity – but lots of pelicans – certainly a curiosity for us. I painted one below.

We’re having a good time here, though we miss Sea Change.

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